July 21, 2019


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Stem cell treatment for Inclusion Body Myositis

IBMInclusion Body Myositis (IBM) is one of a group of muscle diseases known as the inflammatory myopathies, which are characterized by chronic, progressive muscle inflammation accompanied by muscle weakness. The onset of muscle weakness in IBM is generally gradual (over months or years) and affects both proximal (close to the trunk of the body) and distal (further away from the trunk) muscles. Muscle weakness may affect only one side of the body. Falling and tripping are usually the first noticeable symptoms of IBM. For some individuals, the disorder begins with weakness in the wrists and fingers that causes difficulty with pinching, buttoning, and gripping objects. There may be weakness of the wrist and finger muscles and atrophy (thinning or loss of muscle bulk) of the forearm muscles and quadricep muscles in the legs. Difficulty swallowing occurs in approximately half of IBM cases. Symptoms of the disease usually begin after the age of 50, although the disease can occur earlier. IBM occurs more frequently in men than in women.
The greatest potential for stem cells is in their use to treat degenerative diseases and major traumatic injuries, which may result in a significant improvement in the quality and length of life for affected patients.  Stem cells could be developed into healthy versions of the cells that have been lost or that are not functioning correctly in that particular disease or condition.  These stem cells would then serve as renewable sources for the cells and tissue needed for transplantation into patients.  The ability to replace defective or damaged cells through cell replacement therapy could allow the treatment of injuries and various genetic and degenerative conditions.  Stem cell treatment repair includes muscular dystrophies, retinal degeneration, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, and blood disorders such as hemophilia and many other diseases may turn out to be excellent targets as well.

Treatment Method :

Number of Injection –  
2 units of umbilical cord blood stem cell (UCBSC)
2 units of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSC)

Type of Injection -          
Intravenous (IV) Injection x 2 times
Intramuscular injection x 2 times

Adjuvant Therapy :
Chinese traditional medicine to recuperate
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