July 21, 2019


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Enlarged Heart conditions refer to the disorders of the heart tissues. This condition is also called Cardiomyopathy. The heart tissues become thick, rigid and enlarged. The heart muscles are reinstated by scar tissues. As the condition get worse, the heart becomes feebler. It pumps less blood throughout the body and can’t maintain a regular electrical rhythm. The weakening heart will have more complications as an end result; it can cease to pump which can cause the death of the patient.

There are a few possible causes of suffering from an enlarged heart with the most common being related to high blood pressure (hypertension) as the heart struggles to empty entirely and the blood is permitted to build up in the tissues. This can be an affect of vascular disease, cardiac disorders and sometimes relating to other medical problems such as a side-effect of medications.

It is also possible than an enlarged heart can be the consequence of some cardiac conditions especially those involving defective valves.

As there are often no obvious symptoms, the condition may be initially diagnosed following a routine x-ray from which the doctor may suspect that the cardiac organ is larger than it should be. An x-ray does not provide an exact diagnosis but is the first clue. Those suspected as having an enlarged heart will be referred for an echocardiogram which will give a more accrurate assesment of the tissues involved and the severity of the fluid build up.

As mentioned, for many there will be no obvious symptoms whilst others may find that they are suffering with fatigue and may be short of breath.

In some people, an enlarged heart causes no signs or symptoms. Others may have these signs and symptoms:

. Shortness of breath
. Dizziness
. Abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia)
. Swelling (edema)
. Cough
. Chest pain

If you have any of these signs and symptoms, which may mean you're having a heart attack:

. Chest pain
. Severe shortness of breath
. Fainting

Stem Cell Therapy Shrinks Enlarged Hearts

Stem cell therapy can reverse heart damage in patients with enlarged hearts due to heart attacks. In addition, the benefits from the stem cell injections appear to be three times better than that offered by current medical treatments, according to a release. Scar tissue decreased and heart function improved.

The result: a significant improvement of heart performance within months, and a significant reduction in both scar tissue and heart size within a year after the initial therapy

Heart size decreased an average of 15 percent to 20 percent, which is about three times what is possible with current medical therapies.

Scar tissue decreased by an average of 18.3 percent.
And there was dramatic improvement in the function, or contraction, of specific heart areas that were damaged.

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