July 21, 2019


Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes-Hope Medical Group

 Stem cell treatment for diabetes





Stem Cell Transplantation Promises Cure for Diabetes



Adult stem cell therapy or Multipotent stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood can control inflammation and autoimmune responses by altering regulatory T cells (Tregs) and human islet beta cell-specific T cell clone in diabetes


We use umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSC) to treat diabetes by injecting into arteries near the pancreas or by IV. The immature stem cells will developed into pancreatic cells. The two cellular groups merge and start forming more pancreatic tissue, which means, in the end, that the patient's body produces more insulin, requires less shots (if any) , and also has lower blood sugar levels.



We have used stem cell treatment for diabetes in hundreds of cases and 95% of them were able to stop taking insulin/medication or reduce it by half!Diabetes




Our stem cell therapy for diabetes :

Number of Injection -4 units of umbilical cord blood stem cell (UCBSC)
4 units of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSC)

Type of Injection - Local Injection x 4 times
Intravenous (IV) Injection x 4 times

Adjuvant Therapy :

Rehabilitation therapy 
Chinese traditional medicine to recuperate



Treatment Period :

12 days

The payment includes:
Stem cell implantation :
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions, from Monday to Friday,
Traditional Chinese medicine
Accommodation for the patient AND for 1 or 2 accompanying family members.
General medical services ; Doctor's visits and examinations, laboratory tests, etc


Side effects:
None in over 20,000 cases worldwide

Foreign patient services:

Our international department team helps our foreign patients handle all the communication aspects of getting medical treatment in a foreign country. Staff is ready to help with everything from communicating with the medical team, nurses, and caregivers to daily needs like shopping, going to the bank, or making visa arrangements. We also provide transportation from the airport to the hospital upon arrival and make all necessary arrangements for transportation to the airport upon completion of the treatment.


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