July 21, 2019


Stem Cell Treatment in China-Hope Medical Group

We are group of five hospitals in North and South China certified by The Chinese Ministry of Health to provide adult stem cell therapy and stem cell Cancer immunotherapy treatments for patients locally and from around the world for over 13 years.

We welcome you to complete a free medical evaluation form by clicking the link below or here to see if you can benefit from our Umbilical Cord Stem Cells or DC+CIK /Cancer Killer Cells. Please include as much detailed information as possible on your medical illness. You can also chat with us via the chat module above.

Once we have reviewed your information we will get back to you with a treatment plan and further instructions about coming to China for stem cell treatment, usually within 24 hours.

Free Medical Evaluation
We offer highly skilled, personalized and cost effective stem cell treatments in China. Our stem cell treatment is delivered with the maximum regard for your safety and offer the best customer service.

We are different from most hospitals because we culture the cells in our own lab. We do not ship them from a 3rd party or laboratory.

No pain is involved unlike cells taken from the patients own body and the dose available is much higher. It is not a "surgery" or "transplant". The procedure is a simple IV infusion of stem cells.

Along with the stem cells you will also have the following included in your treatment:

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions, from Monday to Friday,

Traditional Chinese medicine

Accommodation for the patient AND for 1 or 2 accompanying fam
ily members.

General medical services; Doctor's visits and examinations, laboratory tests, etc.

Shopping trips and tours of city

 Possibly dinners out with staff or invitations to their home for traditional dinner

Our cell count is also higher than most at 150 million cells. Patients generally receive 4-6 units.

Hope Hospitals use the newest approaches to provide effective and safe stem cell treatments for a wide range of neurological disorders as well as Cancer and other diseases.


We use the latest knowledge of stem cell behavior in the human body within an individually tailored medical plan according to the patient’s condition. Using stem cell therapy, intensive physiotherapy and medicines, this combination of therapies has so far proved itself to be most efficient in bringing high level of recovery to our patients

Most cells in the body have a specific function in particular organs, such as the liver, skin or brain. Stem cells are relatively undifferentiated and still have the ability to develop into different types of cells to exert different functions.
A stem cell's most notable characteristic is its
ability to reproduce a completely new, normal, and even younger cell. As a result, people can use their own or someone else’s stem cells, or stem cell -derived tissues or organs, to replace ill or aging tissues or organs. This permits treatment of a wide range of diseases and injuries, many of which cannot be treated with traditional medical methods.


"Instead of using surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy, researchers from the National Institutes of Health are finding so-far limited but inspiring success in a new approach for fighting cancer, using the immune system to attack the tumors the way it would be a cold or flu."   - CNN.com (August 2006)

CIK has proved in medical practice to be the most efficiently adopted immunotherapy.  It shows good efficacies in treating malignant tumors in leukemia, melanoma, malignant lymphoma, renal cell carcinoma, metastatic renal carcinoma, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and gastric cancer.

This treatment can be applied to cancer patients in any stage, and it has good short-term effects for both early stage patients and advanced stage ones. CIK cells eliminate small lesions not available for surgery and tiny cancerous cells scattered in the body to delay or prevent the metastasis or recurrence of tumor. It will have a better efficacy when combined with surgical resection, intervention, radiofrequency therapy, or cryoablation. We have video documentation and medical papers to back this up here http://hopestemcell.com/cancer-immunology and here http://hopestemcell.com/faq/medical-papers






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