July 21, 2019


Hospital Room Pics environment-Hope Medical Group

Hope Medical Group's Changsha city hospital: Xiangya Boai Rehabilitation Hospital

Located in the downtown area, the Xiangya Boai Rehabilitation Hospital of Changsha is a fourth-level hospital. It has the most advanced facilities and competent healthcare providers. It strives to provide full-range quality services of medical care, prevention and rehabilitation for patients, as well as scientific research and medical education for professionals.  


VIP and International patient rooms:


All hospital rooms have been designed with the patients comfort and safety foremost in mind.

The advantages of these well-equipped wards are:

·Medical staff is readily available and within easy reach
·being at the heart of the hospital
·feeling safer and more secure
·feeling better connected and having more social opportunities
·having easier access to institutional facilities and services

Inpatient accommodations are hospital-allocated accommodations, which are fully owned and managed by the hospitals. You can be confident that the inpatient accommodations are of a quality standard making you feel secure while living there with medical staff at your call anytime.

All private for patient and family
•Normal patient room with three beds per room
•VIP patient room with two beds per room and apartment style rooms w/ kitchen. (Generally International patients have a VIP apartment style room.)

•Beds, wardrobes, and chairs
•Lighting and bedside equipment
•Air conditioners, micro-waves, TVs, fridge, water cooler
•Internet connection/WIFI 
•Bathroom with shower, wash basins

This is the largest hospital in Hunan Province and it's specialty is physical therapy combined with stem cell therapy. It is a level 4 hospital.


Hope Medical Group's Shenzhen city Hospital


  Hope hospitals Shenzhen forth people’s hospital is in the real center of Shenzhen and this part of the city is very International and 30 min. to Hong Kong via subway. Fourth People's Hospital of Shenzhen city is located in downtown Shenzhen, is set in medical, stem cell treatment, teaching, research, prevention and rehabilitation as a whole. This hospital also has cooperation with is the Guangdong Medical College Affiliated Hospital, Zhongshan University teaching hospital, Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine teaching hospital and Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University.


Hope Hosptal's Guangzhou Cancer Center


 Guangzhou Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital has an established history of 25 years of excellence. It is one of the largest specialized public hospitals all around China, which integrate healthcare services, medical treatments, cancer immunotherapy, scientific research, disease prevention and education as one unified goal. Engaged in cancer research, the hospital continues to recruit highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in cancer treatment and cutting-edge therapeutic technologies


 Number of beds: 1000


 Specialized Services:


  1. Biotherapy surgery (providing immunotherapy for cancer)
  2. Lung cancer surgeryGuangzhou facility
  3. Esophageal mediastinal tumor surgery
  4. Galactophore surgery
  5. Gastrointestinal neoplasms/cancer surgery
  6. Hepato- and cholangio-neoplasm surgery
  7. Neurosurgery
  8. Head and neck cancer surgery
  9. Urology surgery
  10. Gynecologic cancer surgery
  11. Medical oncology
  12. Hematologic cancer care
  13. Integrated TCM & Western Medicine
  14. Traditional Chinese medicine
  15. Radiation treatment
  16. ICU
  17. Anesthesiology services


Hope hospitals Hengyang Stem cell and cancer center


Hengyang city, Hunan province has a special significance. It has a history of 63 years of excellence and is a modern, large-scale “Triple A” comprehensive national hospital which sets medicine, teaching, adult stem cell therapy, cancer immunotherapy, research, disease prevention, rehabilitation and health care as one unified goal. Each year, the hospital is formally recognized for achieving the highest standards in patient care, ranking it amongst the most prestigious medical institutions in China. Hunan is not only Chinese traditional medicine’s birthplace, but also


The Second Affiliated Hospital of South China


a modern medicine’s supporter and always keeps the most cutting-edge technology. Stem cell therapy is regarded as the most effective and safest modern medical technology. It is a 1 hour high speed train ride from Guangzhou's International airport.


 Number of beds: 1500


Specialized Services:


The full range of services is in accordance with the international standards, and the hospital services for which it is most renowned are:


  1. adult stem cell therapy
  2. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases intervention therapy
  3. Digestive disease endoscopic therapy
  4. Blood purification
  5. Joint replacement
  6. Minimally Invasive Spinal treatment
  7. Intensive care
  8. immunotherapy for cancer


 For more information on stem cell treatment or cancer immunotherapy, please complete a medical form here.


Below you will find examples of our stem cell hospital rooms and environment. They are set up virtually identical at all the hospitals. Patient rooms are private and have one bedroom and one living room with private bathroom.

Patient room 1                             

patient room 1


Patient room 2

patient room 2

Patient living room next to bedroom

living room


International patient kitchen 1

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 2

dining hall

dining hall

Patient lounge area


Patient movie theater

movie theater

Operating roomoperating room 1operating room 2

Hospital International patient ward floors and nurse station.

ward floor 1nurse station


floor 2


Outside examples. Patients are free to roam around the hospital parks and the rest of city when not having treatment.


outside 1

For more information on stem cell treatment or stem cell immunotherapy, please complete a medical form here or visit http://hopestemcell.com/





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