July 21, 2019


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 Hope Hospital Staff


Yonghong Tang, M.D.

Professor Tang, the president and chief physician of the Second Affiliated Hospital of University of South China (Nanhua University), holds more than 15 years of profound clinical experiences in neurological treatment using stem cell therapy. He has successfully treated more than 100 neurologically impaired patients.

Nationally recognized for the consummate accomplishment in stem cell transplantation, Professor Tang is appointed as the council member of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (CARM) as well as Hunan Medical Doctor Association (HMDA), director of Hengyang Neurological Disease Research Institute, and a large number of other provincial and municipal medical institutions.



Zhiyuan Wang

Doctor Wang is the director of cancer biotherapy center in Guangzhou Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital. With 19 years of experience specializing in cancer biotherapy, Doctor Wang is highly skilled at delivering efficient and personalized biotherapy treatment. Each month he provides medical care for an average of 80 patients, puts each patient at the center of care, and successfully achieves a total efficacy of 76% using biotherapy technologies, laying a solid foundation for patients’ complete victory in the battle against cancer.



Kaixun Zhu

Doctor Zhu is the vice-president of the Third Hospital of Changsha, as well as the director of general medicine department and respiratory medicine department. He has been engaged in general medicine for nearly 30 years and gained exceptional medical expertise, abundant clinical experience and respectable reputation in his field. Doctor Zhu has treated nearly one thousand patients by cell technology in Hunan, he is also appointed as a professor of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University, and an expert member of a wide variety of medical institutions such as Medical Accident Assessment Committee, Emergency Expert Committee, etc.



Yingchao Deng,

Doctor Deng worked as both the chief physician and director of medical department in Changsha People’s Hospital, the deputy director of Changsha Bureau of Public Health, as well as the medical professor in Changsha Medical School. Her experience and expertise of nearly 30 years is matched by her commitment to personalized medical care and compassion to each patient. From patients’ initial inquiries through their follow-up medical care back home, Doctor Deng has been well praised and recognized by thousands of millions of patients.

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