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Josephine- Ataxia-Hope Medical Group


Josephine, age 51, Australian,

Hospitalized from May 01, 2012 to May 22, 2012

Diagnosis : Ataxia

Condition on Admission :
lower extremity weakness, can't stand and walk, wheelchair bound. limb reaction and control accuracy lower than normal

Condition on Discharge :
  muscle strength improved, can walk with walking aid. body coordination and balance improved.
limbs reaction and control accuracy improved.
bowel and digestive system improved, defecate normalization.

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Beryl- Parkinson's disease-Hope Medical Group

Parkinson's Disease

Beryl, age 71, Australian,

Hospitalized from April 27, 2012 to May 10, 2012

Diagnosis : Parkinson's Disease

Condition on Admission :
hands shook, severe back pain, patellofemoral pain syndrome, sleep not good due to back pain and cannot flip-turn, to walk needs someone to support or wheelchair bound.

Condition on Discharge :
back and arthritis pain disappeared, back can stand erect, limb muscle strength improved, can walk without supporting and sleeps good after stem cells transplantation.

Quote from patient's daughter Serena who also got treated

"Straight away after the first injection of stem cells we saw improvement in Mum's stroke like hanging left arm, she was able to open her fingers and raise both her hands above her head. Mum could walk straight again behind the wheelchair , before she shuffled and her back was bent over, and she could do the Hand to nose exercise with her left hand 100% accurate, she could not do this exercise before the Stem cell injection. Mums speech was not slurred any more either. We have been home for 8 weeks now and Mum can walk up a large set of stairs unaided and without holding on.She has so much improvement in her brain that she can now remember everything that has happened in her life . Mums writing was so small before Stem Cells that no one could read it and now she can write large and all can read her writing. Her eyes are not death like now ,they sparkle and she does not act like she is dying. Her memory and speech is amazing. Mum had 260 million Stem Cells injected in May '12.

Our family was interviewed and filmed by THE PROJECT a news program which is showed on channel 10 at 7pm, Australia. It will be shown to the public in about 2 wks and will be about My Bone Marrow operation at Hope Hospital and Mum Stem Cell treatment. It will be able to be seen on the internet also. Please look out for it approx mid July"12."

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Amber-Lupus/Kidney failure-Hope Medical Group

System Lupus Erythematosis End-Stage Renal Failure

Amber, age 23, American,

Hospitalized from February 04,2012 to February 21,2012
case 6 - System Lupus Erythematosis End-Stage Renal Failure     

Diagnosis : systemic lupus, end-stage renal failure

Condition on Admission :
systmic lupus erythematous, lupus nephropathy, secondary hypertension, renal anemia, chronic renal failure, blood pressure 180/130 mmhg, CR: 149.3 μmol/l, UREA : 21.71 mmol/l, UA : 504.1 μmol/l, CO2CP 16.5 mmol/l, color doppler ultrasound diagnosis : both sides of kidney shrinkage (right kidney 7.4x3.6cm, left kidney 8.9x3.6cm), no apparent blood flow in the right kidney

Condition on Discharge :
blood pressure 130‐155/90‐120 mmHg, CR : 126.2 μmol/l, UREA : 19.28 mmol/l, UA : 399.5 μmol/l, CO2CP 20.5 mmol/l, color doppler ultrasound diagnosis : both sides of kidney shrinkage (right kidney 8.7x3.8cm, left kidney 9.0x3.6cm), visible normal blood flow in the both kidneys

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Timothy-Leukoencephalopathy-Stem Cell Therapy-Hope Medical Group


Timothy, age 12, American,

Hospitalized from April 08, 2012 to May 07, 2012

Diagnosis : leukoencephalopathy

Condition on Admission :
Patient sought stem cell treatment for rigidity and weak limbs, walks unsteadily. trouble speaking, responds slowly and eyesight failed.
took hormone and antispasmodics

Condition on Discharge :
Timothy only had minimal improvement in hospital from stem cell therapy but after 3 months had significant improvement in communication and movement.

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Angelina-multiple sclerosis-Hope Medical Group

Multiple Sclerosis

Angelina, age 44, Australian,

Hospitalized from January 14,2012 to February 15,2012

Diagnosis : multiple sclerosis, disease first presented as a left optic neuritis in 1991

Condition on Admission :
poor mobility and on other occasions due to medications, cannot walk unaided due to no balance, worsening balance and fine motor coordination, became more dependent on a wheelchair, intermittent episodes of increasing frequency and significant lower limb spasm

Condition on Discharge :
good spirit and sleeping quality, great improvement of walking ability, the shaking frequency on lower limb spasm is obviously reduced after stem cell treatment, but there is still no good change of her balance ability, needs to continue the balancing exercises with balance rehabilitation equipment at home. 3 months later balanced has improved 75%

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